[Cracked] Islamic App from IslamiJV.com

Posted by D-C4RE on 06:49 AM, 29-Jul-12

Someone request me to crack app from IslamiJV.com Here the app.

Download Kamus Arab-Indonesia

Download BulughulMarom

Download QuranUsmani

Request to Crack Here

Posted by D-C4RE on 04:52 PM, 24-Jun-12

Dear freebies,
You asking for crack the application or game? Here the place for request cracking.

You can request cracking game or application with comment here or use guessbook.

Give me link then visit me back 2-3 days after request.

Note: Only java mobile (j2me) allowed to crack.

[Cracked] Condetsoft Application Cracked

Posted by D-C4RE on 12:16 PM, 23-Jun-12

Dear bro and sis, In the first release, we public the cracked muslim application from Condetsoft. If you get error when installing, please unpack it and repack using jarBOOM in symbian or Java SDK in PC. We ask you don't change the text 'Cracked by D-C4RE', to support us for cracking other. But you might to modif other resource. Thanks. OK ENJOY OUR RELEASE! download here... [Read More]

Donate to Visit Us

Posted by D-C4RE on 08:29 PM, 20-Jun-12

ThumbnailHello reader, How are you? You already know that we were poor. But as humans, we must help your fellow man. Now we have a new innovation, called Donate to Visit Us. Donate to Visit Us is a system that will calculate the amount of your visit. Then the number of your visit will be calculated with the money and the... [Read More]